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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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EvriGard Electronic Rust Control

EvriGard Electronic Rust Control
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Product:EvriGard Electronic Rust Control
Model #:EG-RUST
Fitting Guide:Universal

EvriGard Electronic Rust Control (ERC) uses a technology called Capacitive Pulsing which involves the saturation of negatively charged electrons throughout a metal object by way of precise, multi-frequency pulses of charge.

To understand how this controls the formation of rust, it is necessary to understand how and why rust forms in metal.

How does Rust Form:

Metals are made up of millions of negatively charged free-electrons which float around the sub-structure and get attracted and repelled by variances in charges. This is the reason why metal is electrically conductive because there are electrons which are free to move (free-electrons) and electricity is the flow of electrons. Most metals contain defects, this is often caused by tiny foreign materials or impurities which are left during the manufacturing process. In regard to steel, these impurities are usually positively charged in relation to the steel. This means that the negatively charged free-electrons are attracted to these tiny positive charges and what happens is there is a build up of free-electrons at these points and, in the presence of moisture, end up reacting together which involves a depletion of free-electrons from the metal. It is the loss of the free-electrons in this reaction which is known as RUST.

So because EvriGard ERC continually saturates the metal with free-electrons, not only does this mean that electron depletion is controlled, but the constant movement of free-electrons, due to the pulsing action, means that the free-electrons within the metal are forced into a motion at all times making them less likely to want to be attracted and react with the impurities.

Because rust involves the exchange of electrons, it makes sense that if we can control the movement of those electrons, we can control rust.

The EvriGard system is fitted with two heavy duty outputs, one for the front of the vehicle and one for the rear, offering highly effective protection to all the metal in cars, utes, SUVs etc.

Why Evrigard – Benefits and Features

  • Heavy Duty Dual Output – provides full protection for cars, utes, 4WDs, SUVs etc..
  • Protects the entire vehicle, every seam, joint, weld.
  • Even helps control existing rust.
  • 8 Year Product Warranty.
  • 100% Maintenance-Free due to no anodes.
  • Environmentally safe, no messy chemicals.
  • Easy to install, 15 minutes.
  • Manufactured by specialists in electronic rust protection for over 15 years.

Why shop with

  • Convenient 24/7 shopping experience
  • Largest range in Australia online
  • Australian owned and operated for over 7 years
  • Catering for all late model cars including Holdens and Fords
  • Premium brand and service
  • Call us now for free advice on 1800 MODYOURCAR or 1800 663 968

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