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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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GF100 Park Pro Laser Jammer – Australian Model

GF100 Park Pro Laser Jammer - Australian Model
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Product:GF100 Park Pro Laser Jammer – Australian Model
Model #:GF-100-PARK
Manufacturer Part #:GF-100-PARK
Fitting Guide:Universal

Double the minimum and double the maximum capacity of some other laser based parking sensors. The first laser based parking sensor incorporating a 4 second automatic shut down, upon detection of interference, along with both high capacity LED technology and the same Laser Module technology as found in other leading laser based devices such as Laser Interceptor, Laser Pro Park and Antilaser G8 etc.

This is the only device of its type available and has been specifically customised and manufactured for the Australian market. Why settle on just one high capacity laser sensor? When we offer 2 as standard with an optional additional 2 for both front and rear protection.

The GF100 Park PRO LASER can be used with or without parking sensor features. When in operation, a user can simply disable laser jamming features for use as a laser parking sensor in areas where laser jammers are illegal. Then on returning to an area where laser jammers are legal, the laser jammer can immediately be re-activated in accordance with local laws and regulations.

The GF100 Park PRO LASER offers

  • more power and more sensors to provide better protection
  • more sensor capacity in each sensor antenna than all other brands
  • as standard 2 powerful LED + Laser diode sensors
  • software upgradeable design
  • the only laser based parking sensor to incorporate both LED and LASER technology
  • greater expandability than other laser based parking sensors
  • quick switching between Parking Sensor and Laser Jammer modes
  • optional 2 additional sensors to mount on the rear of the vechicle
  • please note retail packaging may be different to the box used in this display picture
  • GF100 Park PRO laser jammer does NOT set off any jammer code on ANY laser gun