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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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Gizzmo MS2 Boost Controller

Gizzmo MS2 Boost Controller
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Product:Gizzmo MS2 Boost Controller
Model #:GI-MS2
Manufacturer Part #:MS2
Fitting Guide:Universal

The Complete Turbo Management Solution

  • Fully configurable turbo timer
  • Active over boost control
  • Real time boost gauge
  • Adjustable up to 50lb (3.5bar)
  • 64mhz RISC Processor Technology
  • Open or Closed loop boost control
  • Suits Internal and External Wastegates

Gizzmo’s MS2 shares and builds on the proven precision boost control strategy of the MSIBC whilst also sporting a fully configurable turbo timer and boost cut remover (note 1). Our reasoning behind the addition of the turbo timer is that the cool off period of a turbo is directly proportional to the heat of the turbo which is generated by the amount of work that your turbo does. The MS2 knows exactly how much work your turbo has been doing so it seems ideal that it too would be in control of the cool off period. The MS2 also has a boost solenoid supervisor so if for any reason your boost control solenoid malfunctions the MS2 will warn you of this immediately. The MS2’s integrated boost cut remover (note1) will help you to bypass the factory boost cut to fully utilise your MS’s features. Driving all these features is the MS2’s processor which is capable of computing almost one billion calculations per minute so that you can rest easy knowing that the Gizzmo MS2 really is your complete turbo management solution.

Note1: Please note that the MS-2 will work with ECUs that require the voltage clamping between 2 and 6.5V, which suits a wide variety of cars, including Mazda’s, Toyota’s and Subaru’s.

  • Memories: 6
  • Boost control: Open or closed loop
  • Maximum Boost: 3.5bar
  • Scramble Time: 1 – 100sec
  • Scramble Duty: 0 – 50%
  • Over Boost Range: 5 – 50lb
  • Turbo Timer Time: 0 – 5min
  • Boost Cut Range: 2 – 6.5V
  • Processing Power: 64mhz RISC

What’s the difference between the new MS2 and the MS-IBC?

Feature MS-IBC MS2
Programmable Turbo TimerNY
Integrated Boost Cut RemoverNY
REMOTE scramble/memory changeYN
Closed loop Solenoid SupervisorNY
Solenoid duty cycle displayNY
Case colourBrushed BlackBrushed Gold
Display colourBlue LEDWhite LED