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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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Nulon Fuel System Cleaner Trade Strength – 300ml

Nulon Fuel System Cleaner Trade Strength - 300ml
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Product:Nulon Fuel System Cleaner Trade Strength – 300ml
Model #:NU-WFS
Manufacturer Part #:WFS
Fitting Guide:Universal

Nulon Trade Strength Fuel System Cleaner is the result of extensive research into the fuel requirements and fuel-related problems of modern petrol-powered engines.

Nulon WFS is quite possibly the most advanced of its kind in the world. Fuel formulation and engine fuel systems are constantly changing in order to meet environmental legislation. These changes do not happen without their share of associated problems, such as:

  • Contaminated fuel injectors
  • Carburettor deposits
  • Inlet valve deposits
  • Combustion chamber deposits and running-on
  • Sticking valves
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased petrol octane requirement

    These problems are common, but most motorists are not aware of their severity as they manifest slowly. Lead-free fuel does not burn as cleanly or completely as one would hope. Consequently, carbon deposits build up on all the components of the fuel and induction system. Motorists are first aware of a problem when it becomes severe, such as difficult starting, flat spots, sticking valves, running-on etc. Motorists also suffer increased fuel consumption and loss of efficiency while the problem is developing.

    • One tank clean-up of fuel injectors
    • One tank clean-up of carburettor deposits
    • Reduces engine sludge deposits
    • One tank combustion chamber deposit clean-up
    • One tank clean-up of inlet valve deposits
    • Reduces black smoke
    • Maintains fuel economy
    • Safe for all catalytic converters