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Autometer Phantom 2-1/16-inch (52.4mm) - Mechanical - Oil Pressure 0-100 PSI

Autometer Phantom 2-1/16-inch (52.4mm) - Mechanical - Oil Pressure 0-100 PSI

Fantastic little gauge, looks great, works great, very easy to fit and very easy to install! Execellent value for money!

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Security Safe Guards


Secure ONLINE Credit Card processing now active!

Secure Credit Card processing

A few years ago we decided to stop allowing customers to pay for their orders online and since then we have been calling customers to retrieve their card details.

We did this for one very simple reason – security. By calling customers it deterred those criminal minded people out there from buying gear off our web site using stolen credit cards. The great thing about it was we actually got to speak to customers on the phone helping reassure them that dealing with us was completely safe.

Due to increased volume and activity we have now re-activated the online credit card processing which means you are now able to complete orders online 100%! That’s great news for everyone, including us as it will help cut down on the extra overhead of having to call customers – even though we found it useful as did our customers.

We do recognise that there are some people out there who do not like entering their credit card details online and for those people we still provide the credit card via phone option. When ordering just select the payment method you want!

Posted by Dan Rucci on the 6th Feb 2010

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