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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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The ModYourCar Team

Dan Rucci – the BIG BOSS at

Dan Rucci the BIG BOSS at

Name:Dan Rucci
Role:Founder and Managing Director
First car:1989 Toyota Corolla SX
Current car:2005 SMART Roadster
Next/Dream car:Lotus Elise

Dan has been involved in many facets of the automotive industry for over 10 years from running car clubs to building notorious show winning cars.

With brother Paul, Dan founded a small car enthusiast group based in Perth called RollaBoyz which grew into one of the largest clubs of its kind in Australia. The club was run by a dedicated team (headed by Dan) who organised a range of events from regular cruises to competitive car audio sound-offs and dyno shoot-outs.

It was about this time that Dan evolved his daily driven AE92 Corolla into one of Perth’s, and indeed one of Australia’s most well known and successful show cars of its time. Known by all as ROLLA SX, the car captivated audiences at shows with its unique and innovative styling. ROLLA SX was very successful taking home dozens of trophies including a much deserved King of Autosalon at Perth Autosalon in 2002. Months earlier the car was in Sydney for the 2001 Autosalon Final Battle where it took home first class honours bringing home Perth’s first Final Battle trophies which included Bodykit Champion, Innovation Champion and a Top 10 finish in the Autosalon 2001 series.

Dan stepped down as ‘el Presidente’ of RollaBoyz in early 2002 to make way for his new dream –

Dan launched on the 26th of July 2002 and since then has helped literally thousands of car enthusiasts around the globe. His passion for providing the best service and advice are the essential ingredients that make such a success.

I’ll never forget my first customer! It was Steve Masters from Perth who bought a blue 12-inch Flexiglow neon kit. Ironically Steve became a member of the ModYourCar team a couple of years later!

In early 2006 Dan was offered an opportunity to buy one of his favourite cars, the FD3S RX7. Once in Dan’s possession it got a major hit with the modifying stick and the car quickly took shape from a stock RX7 to Dan’s second show car creation, known as LE RX7.

Dan’s “out there” approach and crazy ideas created a love/hate show car that really sent mixed emotions out there in the scene. its controversy that gets people talking, and that’s exactly what LE RX7 did! Like Dan’s previous show car, the RX7 stunned and sent onlookers into a frenzy and again taking home top honours at Autosalon in 2006 and 2007.

In early 2008 Dan saw the need to evolve into more than just a parts and accessories shop and into an Automotive Lifestyle shop. Dan’s vision for Australia’s Premium Automotive Lifestyle Shop has come to reality with the launch of this new web site.

I see as place for anyone interested in their car where they can get advice, learn how to do things themselves, share their experiences, get the right products for their needs and benefit from the synergies the internet gives us all.

Not even a year after the release of the new web site and service, Dan saw the need to take the business to a new level with the opening of an office and consultancy service. This gives ModYourCar the ability to work even closer with enthusiasts and opens new and exciting opportunities.

I inevitably had to get ModYourCar out of the home office and into a professional yet fun environment. It gives us so much more opportunity and a far more professional image. It’s just the next step in our evolution.

Sarah Philp – Business Sales Consultant

Sarah Philp

Name:Sarah Philp
Role:Business Sales Consultant
First car:1989 Holden Astra SLX
Current car:2006 Astra Turbo SRI
Next/Dream car:BMW X6M Coupe

Sarah first discovered the car scene when she joined the RollaBoyz in 1999. She later became secretary of the club helping out with club merchandise and general club events. Sarah’s car then was a 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer. Sarah enjoyed the sound side of cars rather than the looks and entered her car in a few of the clubs SPL competitions.

Sarah met her now husband Jai through the RollaBoyz group and is expecting their first child in Nov 2009.

As far as job’s go Sarah went from childcare to sales, working for Telstra in the communications industry. Starting out in the shop side of sales Sarah moved into Telstra Business as an Account Manager with a portfolio of business customers thus servicing all their telecommunication needs.

Recently Sarah has joined the team as a Business Sales Consultant, an area that Dan wants to grow and develop.

Jon Ferreri – Office Administration

Jon Ferreri

Name:Jon Ferreri
Role:Office Administration
First car:1998 Mazda 323 Astina
Current car:1998 Mazda 323 Astina
Next/Dream car:Modified Nissan 350Z

Jon doesn’t have all that much automotive knowledge, but with the help of Dan he hopes to learn very quickly. Before working at Jon did a sound engineering course. He has a love for music and one day wants to be a world class DJ. Jon plays soccer and enjoys watching all types of sport. He also plays piano and saxophone which keeps him occupied – try catch some of his music on YouTube!

Jon takes on a lot of the administrative duties in the office and is a valuable member of the team.