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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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The Girls of ModYourCar

Welcome to the Girls of ModYourCar! Here you will find all the info about our girls including pics, video and more! Have a good look through and get to know our girls.

Your’e probably wondering where they came from right? Well, our girls were hand picked from almost 100 entrants to our “Face of ModYourCar” competition earlier in the year (March 2008).

Meet our girls… Nicki, Chiara, Brooke and Gina. Click on the girls! Nicki Chiara Brooke Gina

The “Face of ModYourCar” Competition

Earlier in the year (Mar 08) we held our Face of ModYourCar competition which would result in us picking the girl who would represent our company. On the initial casting day we interviewed and took photos of over 40 girls. We had a very impressive selection of sexy potential girls and choosing only a handful for a call back was extremely difficult.

From the 40 odd girls, we selected around 10 to come in and met us again. Of those we had the hard decision of deciding who was going to win and become the new face of our company and which other girls we wanted to be part of our web site as well. It took 4 of us a good hour to decide and in the end our Brooke was the winner. Her personality, image and styling suit the kind of company we want to represent and where we want to go.

We also chose 3 other girls to form The Girls of ModYourCar.

The Photoshoot

With our girls decided on, the next step was the photoshoot. To the left you will see a bunch of “action” pics taken on the day by one of our on hand photographers James Mandy.

It was an exciting and busy day and to be honest it has all turned out so much better then we had hoped for. Thank you to the following people for making the day a success:

  • Cliq Productions for the photography.
  • Jo Ferguson for the make up.
  • James Mandy for his “action-shot” photography.