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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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Security Safe Guards


MYC Rewards

Brooke Vivoda and MYC Rewards

MYC Rewards is a FREE rewards program where your loyalty is recognised and rewarded. For every dollar you spend with us you will earn you 1 point, which you can use to redeem a range of offers.

How do I accumulate points?

Points are automatically accumulated whenever you make a purchase or when participating in our monthly special offers. Details on special offers will be available in MYC Magazine.

How do I know how many points I have?

You can check your points tally from your profile area.

So what’s on offer?

Get 50 turns on for every 1 reward point

Pimpin is a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) where you take on the role of a pimp and battle it out online with hundreds of other players in real time. The aim is to increase your net worth and build an empire!

By playing you could be in the chance to win awesome prizes – at the moment they are giving away PS3s! Find another online game giving away such incredible prizes, I doubt you will find anything similar.

Pimpin is a turns based game whereby you use turns to perform game actions. Turns are given for free every 10 minutes but to really get your pimp into the big time you can support the game by buying turns for as little as $5 per 1000 turns.

In conjunction with Pimpin we are able to offer you 50 free turns for every 1 point. So if you have 100 MYC Rewards points you could convert them into 5000 turns valued at $25!


How do I redeem an offer?

If you are interested in an offer currently available just get in contact with us and we can make it happen for you.

Promote your business through MYC Rewards!

If you have a product or service that has potential of working as part of an offer in MYC Rewards please contact us and we can help promote your business!