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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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Heads, Porting and Valves Trains

Heads, Porting and Valves Trains
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Product:Heads, Porting and Valves Trains
Model #:DNA-D-HPV
Manufacturer Part #:D-HPV
Fitting Guide:Universal

This TRIPLE DVD SET has almost 5 HOURS of highly detailed information! It takes you step-by-step through the entire valve train, including many different types of cams (flat tappet, hydraulic roller, solid roller,), lifters, springs, push rods, various cast iron and aluminum heads and much, much more. This highly detailed DVD is explained in plain, easy to understand English. Intended for everyone, from the complete novice to the seasoned car buff who wants to learn about these highly misunderstood and mysterious subjects and find out what makes REAL horsepower, and what doesn’t.

See what’s streetable and what isn’t for ALL types of engines, (big blocks and small blocks) from mild street performance, to wild street/strip performance, to all-out racing applications. You’ll be shown how to read a cam card, and how to degree a cam. You’ll see what “lift”, “duration”, “overlap” and “lobe centers” mean, and how they affect your engine. You’ll see the difference between aggressive profile cams and mild profile cams and find-out what they do and how to choose the right one for your application.

You’ll also learn about the different types of lifters, rocker arms, rocker studs, valve springs, retainers, locks, intake and exhaust runners, installing larger valves, installing screw-in studs and guide plates, un-shrouding combustion chambers, gasket matching (heads AND intake manifolds), bowl blending, what tools you’ll need and how to use them, O-ring head gaskets, aluminum heads vs. cast iron heads, what you can and can’t run on the street, old wives tales and myths put to rest once and for all and MUCH, MUCH more! You’ll see numerous types of heads put on a flow bench and tested so you’ll see the flow differences between stock heads, mildly ported heads and all-out hard core heads, and everything in-between. Everything you ever wanted to know about Aluminum and Cast Iron Cylinder Heads/Casting Numbers/Air Flow, Velocity & Volume/Cams – Lifters – Valves – Springs – Locks – Retainers & Studs / Valve Train Geometry / Head and Intake manifold Porting & Polishing/ Decreeing a Cam / Understanding Lift Duration / Lobe Separation & Overlap / Compression vs. Cylinder Pressure / Rocker Arms and Ratios / Push Rods / Timing Chains vs. Gear Drives / Machining & Customizing / What tools to use and how to use them in your own workshop or garage / O-Ringing heads for Nitrous and Supercharger use / Flow-Bench Testing and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Running time – almost 5 hours.