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King Springs - Pair

King Springs - Pair

I have used King Springs in the past and was very happy with the result, especially for the money. Springs like this are definitely the best bang for ...

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Model #:DNA-D-SUPR
Manufacturer Part #:D-SUPR
Fitting Guide:Universal

Superchargers, also known as blowers, huffer’s or forced induction. The ONLY power adder that’s on demand 24/7! This DOUBLE DVD set contains almost 3 hours of highly detailed information.

What are they? How do they work? Which type and size do you need for your engine? What do you need to do to an engine to be compatible with a supercharger? What kind of carburetors can you run? What about fuel injection? Old myths about the reliability and street ability of supercharged engines are finally put to rest! Learn how different types of superchargers work (both inside and out), how they add horsepower and how to set-up and modify an engine to handle one of these big time power makers.

This DVD covers supercharger types and sizes, (Roots and centrifugal types), which supercharger is the best choice for each application, how to properly set-up an engine to be compatible with a supercharger, choosing the right profiles, heads, special machining, special clearancing, ignition systems, how to strengthen the block, which carburetor works best, the list goes on…

This DVD set takes you through all of that and MUCH more and several types of engines, with lots of great tips!

If you’ve ever wanted to build yourself a blown engine, or just wanted to learn about them, then this video is a must!